Live Panel Chilean Mining Companies on Hydrogen

Live Panel & Q&A Chilean Mining Companies on Hydrogen Opportunities

When you need the Power look for Batteries when you look for Energy look for Hydrogen

Hans-Werner Kulenkampff; Manager Chile en HINICIO

Strong government support combined with a number of industry-led initiatives to develop hydrogen technologies for mines has positioned Chile as another global centre for the technology’s advancement. How are Chilean mining operators advancing real-world applications of hydrogen? This session will provide key updates from Chilean mining, hydrogen and government experts. 

  • What are the latest developments in Chile’s hydrogen market and the implications for mines?
  • Which hydrogen applications hold the best near-term opportunities for Chilean mines?
  • What types of hydrogen initiatives and projects are Chilean operators interested and involved in? 
  • What are the main challenges for commercializing  and deploying hydrogen for mines here? 
  • Which Chilean test sites and initiatives provide the most insight for mining operators? 
  • What types of funding opportunities are available to mines initiating hydrogen projects?
  • Are there opportunities for Chilean and Australian mines to collaborate on hydrogen initiatives? 


Victor Perez

Executive Director. Association for the Development of Clean Technologies (ASDIT)

Consuelo Glaria López

Hydrogen Solutions Developer. ENGIE BUH2

Loreto Maturana

Energy Project Manager. Anglo American Chile

Victor López Quinteros

Innovation Manager. Codelco

Benjamin Maluenda Philippi

Unit Head for New Energy Carriers. Ministry of Energy, Chile

Fernando Hentzschel Martínez

Head of Technological Capabilities. CORFO

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