Renewable energy interdependent on mining


Renewable energy interdependent on mining

Energy and mining are interdependent and miners are recognising more and more the significant benefits that renewable energy can provide their mine sites and the wider local communities.

A number of commodities, coal, uranium, lithium, graphite, cobalt and to a lesser extent gold and PGM and other strategic metals used in the production of solar panels and wind turbines are all relevant to the sector bringing a synergy to the mining and renewable energy sectors.

Recognising that many of the inputs for clean energy come from the mining industry, it is only natural that traditional mining investors interested in sustainability are also looking at the real asset investment potential offered by renewable and clean energy companies.

The inaugural Future Energy and Finance conference set to take place in Hong Kong, this April 5-7, is co-located alongside the 10th annual Mines and Money Asia.

The event will look at the Asian energy market and review its position from a macroeconomic standpoint, the investment opportunities and financing options available within the sector as well as the commodities dependent on the energy market.

Future Energy and Finance provides investors with an overview of the energy sector and insights into its future direction, thus identifying the investment opportunities within the region.  Renewable energy is, without doubt a growing phenomenon worldwide and with the support of government policy and subsidies will continue to grow.  The fossil fuel divestment movement is also growing apace and those traditional oil and gas investors have an opportunity at Future Energy and Finance to assess the very real alternative that solar, wind, biomass and hydro offer the real asset investment community.

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