REMIO (International Observatory of Renewable Energies and Mining) plays a role in mitigating global warming by providing independent information and forums to build understanding and awareness of the world’s mining and energy issues. We disseminate news, models, solutions, contacts, and knowledge to promote the development of climate mining for low carbon society. We focus on the relevant paper on the needs for essential mining raw materials facing climate change.

The recent coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has significant concern for our members, families, collaborators, providers, clients, municipalities, regions and countries, and is causing disorders worldwide.

Our group currently comprises 1,730 members from the five continents. We want to emphasize the importance of taking appropriate measures in response to the advice of the health departments of the respective municipalities, regions, provinces, and countries, as well as those of the WHO (World Health Organization).

We want to inform you the next Face-to-Face Seminar on April 17 in La Serena (Chile) carried out in collaboration with InspiraCap OTEC and the Pedro de Valdivia University has been replaced by a two-day Online Seminar. The online event will celebrate on April 17 and 18. During this event, we will announce the agenda of a conference, online talks and access to free information repository to provide useful and usable content in the isolation stage. The pandemic will end, and we must prepare for the future in a proactive, positive and visionary way.

We also want to report the delay in attendance at Expomin 2020 (April 20-24; Santiago de Chile) and Energy and Mines Australia 2020 (June 23-26, Perth).

We understand that the best formula to deal with this pandemic, whenever possible, is to stay at home with your loved ones and stay informed. And it is there were, from our sphere of action, we intend to offer you alternative forums for debate on the critical issues of the disruption of mining and energy. Let’s take advantage of this time and the new opportunities that will arise, offering value to our members and society in general.

Communication is essential to us, so we will keep you updated on the status of these events as we have more information at We welcome any questions or comments you may have, and if you want to participate or provide information, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

Best regards,

Dr. Arnoldus M. van den Hurk

Director of REMIO

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