Renewables for South American Mines Panel – Key Drivers, Next Steps and Opportunities for IPPs

Energy & Mines 8th World Congress (Virtual Toronto)

Source: Energy & Mines

Guide for the Video Panel

  • Insight on the particular energy and decarbonization challenges mines are facing in the region
  • What practical and strategic steps are mines taking to address these challenges?
  • What lessons have been learned from renewable energy projects to date?
  • How do mines in the region see the potential for further collaboration between mining and renewables?
  • How will the energy profiles of mining operations change in the next few years?
  • What would help regional mines meet energy demands and emissions’ reduction targets?
  • Beyond powering operations, how are renewables expected to play a role in broader energy and sustainability goals – i.e. minerals processing, fleet decarbonization and electrification initiatives?
  • What solutions are mines currently exploring to address fleet decarbonization goals – and how is this being integrated with energy plans?



  • Julia Badeda: ABO WIND
  • Alfredo Lamêgo Duarte: Global Supply Manager – Energy & Utilities. Anglo American (Brazil)
  • Sebastian Rivas: Lead Energy & Water Management, Strategic Services – Minerals BHP (Chile)
  • Marcos Cid – Manager Energy. Teck Chile
  • Joane Freeze: President and CEO. Candente Copper Corp.




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