World Mining for Renewables (3 of 20): The Solar PV & Wind Energy Markets

The World Mining for Renewables Figures Collection (3 of 20): THE SOLAR PV & WIND ENERGY MARKETS

This post is the third edition of a 20 posts collection with global data to explain the relationship of Solar PV and Wind Energy world markets with the mining industry (extractive industries). We will check the production of metals, industrial and construction minerals to build solar modules and windmills around the world

World Mining for Renewables (1 of 20): The Solar PV Market

World Mining for Renewables (2 of 20): The Wind Energy Market

The World Solar PV & Wind Energy Markets

World Installed Solar & Wind Energy Capacity

The Capacity production for the solar & wind energy world market between 2015 and 2022:

  •  280  + 496  = 776 GWp in 2015
  • 928 + 1,026  GWp = 1,954 in 2022 (or 1.95 TWp)

Which means new additions:

  • 51 + 63  = 114 GWp in 2015
  • 113 + 88  = 201 GWp in 2022


In 7 years World Solar PV & Wind Energy facilities will increase by 2.52 times (2015 - 2022)
3 de 20 Solar Wind A
2022: World power production of Solar & Wind will compare to the 88% USA electricity consumption by 2015


World Solar PV and Wind Energy Power Production

The figures of Power Production for the wind & Solar PV energies world market between 2015 and 2022 are:

  • 347 (Solar) + 1,108 (Wind) = 1,455 TWh / 2015 more than 50% of annual power consumption of the European Union
  • By 2022 the market will produce 3,441 TWh (3.4 Petawatt hours. 2.29 Petawatts for Wind and 1.15 Petawatts hours for solar PV, in other terms; the 88% of US annual electricity consumption by 2015.


3 de 20 Solar Wind B


Extractive Industries in Solar PV & Wind Energy Electricity

World Bank IEA statistics shows the extractive Industries by 2010 required up to the 10% of world primary energy consumption. In general approach, we are able to compare the term extractive industries to Mining in a large sense. A better definition in

Any processes that involve the extraction of raw materials from the earth to be used by consumers. The extractive industry consists of any operations that remove metals, mineral, and aggregates from the earth. Examples of extractive processes include oil and gas extraction, mining, dredging, and quarrying.

Due to the process of electrification linked to the development of low carbon society, power will balance with fuels in future energy structure. Meanwhile, the intensity of energy (electricity by production unit; MWh / tonne) is increasing year by year due to:

  • mining aging
  • lowering ore grade
  • longer distances between pit and process plants
  • and the increasing rock hardness due to deeper mines evolution.

All of these facts imply an increasing power consumption share of extractive industries over the global market production of energy, including renewables. We supposed this share was 11% by 2015 and increasing a 0.1% on a yearly basis.

For this reason, this «hidden» share of mining requirements of electricity in solar PV and wind energy electricity will increase in future in large amounts. We try to show this evolution in next figure.


3 de 20 Solar Wind C

Solar PV & Wind Energy Capacity linked to Extractive Industries Consumption

  • By 2015 world extractive industries required 12.5 GWp of Solar PV & Wind energy installations
  • By 2022 the extractive industries will require 24.4 GWpof Solar PV & Wind energy facilities

Solar PV & Wind Energy Consumption linked to Extractive Industries

  • By 2015 world extractive industries required 160 TWh of Solar PV & Wind energy power, close to the Thailand power consumption by 2014 ( 164 TWh).
  • By 2022 the extractive industries will require 420 TWh of Solar PV & Wind energy power. Close to the consumption of France by 2014 (431 TWh).

Next Post (4 of 20)

Under next article, we will analyze the demands for Aggregates, Industrial Minerals, Metals & Energy Minerals to produce the whole Solar PV & Wind facilities in the World.

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