100% Renewables in Mina Zaldivar (Chile, Copper)


Minera Zaldivar would become the first World-Class Low Carbon Mines

The Agreement Partners: Colbun and Zaldivar

Colbún power company signs its most massive electric contract in Norte Grande (Chile) with mining company Zaldívar. The agreement, with a ten-year term, ha a commitment to supply with 100% renewable energy taking into effect by 2020.
The contract will last for ten years with an annual supply of 550 GWh. An external body will verify that the energy used by the mine comes from renewable sources. In 2017, Minera Zaldivar produced 103 thousand tons of pure copper in cathodes.

The Key: SIC – SING interconnection

The interconnection of the two main electricity networks in the country completed in October 2017 (SING + SIC) allowed Colbún to expand its energy sales portfolio to the Norte Grande with the signing of several supply contracts. Antofagasta Minerals operates Zaldivar and is also the co-owner with the Canadian mining company Barrick.
In this way, the SIC sub-grid will supply renewable energies as hydro energy, biomass and wind and the northern sub-grid SING will provide solar PV and wind electricity. This hybridization warranties the 100% of renewable energies can be offered to this copper mine.

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Where? in Antofagasta, wold capital of Solar PV in Mining

The agreement signed in the city of Antofagasta by the general manager of Minera Zaldívar Luis Sánchez and manager of the Business and Energy Management Division of Colbún, Juan Eduardo Vásquez. This operation will become the first big copper mining company supplied by 100% renewable electricity.

The Executive President of Antofagasta Minerals, Iván Arriagada, emphasized  «the previous tender had stimulated the interest of different companies, and finally reduce energy costs for the future of Minera Zaldívar. «
The president expressed that «This is a significant step for the future of Zaldívar because it will help us to be more competitive.» We intend to continue being a contributor to the region and the country, as we have been in these 23 years of operation. «

Vasques also assured, «This diversified component of technologies not only allows us to deliver 100% renewable energy but also a safe, reliable supply at competitive prices.»

The Colbún utility has an installed capacity of almost 4,000 MW. The company has committed the equivalent of 1,700 GWh in contracts that began to operate between 2017 and 2018.
Thomas Keller, general manager of Colbún, said: «The signing of this contract allows us to advance in the development of a value offer for our customers that is consistent with the strategy of increasing our renewable energy portfolio.» Colbún develops a 600 MW wind project named Horizon.
The Green Copper «Trade Mark,» ultimately promoted by the Chilean copper sector, begins to have a justification in world-class mining when the commitment for 100% electricity by renewables is coming to the market. Now will be the time for to displace the fuels of the mining trucks and evolving from low carbon mines to zero carbon ones.

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