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 Renewable Energy for Mining and Oil Industry LinkedIn Group


Thanks to all participants and collaborators to go over 500. Nowadays this is the biggest group dealing with renewable energy in mining and oil. We will continue striving to maintain your confidence in us.

And we take the opportunity to offer to you a discount of 20% for assistance and / or workshop in Santiago de Chile organized by Energy and Mines.

See the agenda of the summit here.

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LinkedIn Group Main Goal

Facilitating Mining’s Transition to Renewables, Energy Storage and Electric Vehicles

What News shows?

In 80 years, the 100% on energy consumption will be renewable in mining the Earth, Moon, Mars or even the asteroids. Nowadays the question is not why but when. The future energy in mining will combine renewable energies, energy storage and the electric vehicles. In doing so, technologies as Industrial Internet of Things or graphene will disrupt mining ore business of forever.

Why LinkedIn Group on Renewables for Mining?

The objective of the group is to discuss about of new energy for mining in the transition to the renewables.
In other way, major challenge in the history of humankind is the transition to low carbon society. However NO transition will be possible without a strong increase on development of copper, aluminium or lithium mining. Experts forecast the need a minimum 100 million tonnes of copper to achieve this energy transition, in other words, the total world copper production for a decade. The challenges for aluminium, platinum and other metals are even higher.

How we approach to Renewables for Mining?

Paradigm proposal for the group:

  1. The transition to low carbon society need renewables, Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles and Energy Efficiency.
  2. Low carbon society must be deployed over mining and metals industry in order to develop the new energy assets.
  3. In order to achieve the century’s goal, we will promote discussion about renewable energy, energy storage and the electric vehicles for Mining.
  4. And on the other way, we will give support to mining as the solution to asset development needed (renewables, batteries or distributed grid) in the development of a low carbon society.
Mining is not the problem, but part of the solution.

Now what …


Best regards,
Dr. Arnoldus van den Hurk M
LinkedIn Group Manager.



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